Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thoughts of some guy on the internet on the verge of sleep

The other night, while I was trying to sleep, I came up with a (rough and pretty vague) way to greatly reduce corruption (but not a way to implement or enforce it) in our elected officials. Now, bear with me, and let me know if these are stupid, and not just a vague "Yu dum" or "fu fagget" or any mostly incoherent arguments ... I'd like some actual thought gone into your replies, if you have any. I love a good exchange of ideas.

   We should make being an elected official as financially unattractive as possible. To even run, you must sell/forfeit ALL interest in any companies you may have, quit any job you have, cut all professional ties with everyone. The only money you can make is from the job as the elected official. If you make so much as a penny from any other source, you will immediately lose your elected position and possibly serve jail time if the offense is great enough. In addition, after your term(s) are over, you cannot be employed directly or indirectly by any company or institution you have dealt with during your time in office.
  Do away with the 2-party system. If none of your ideas are original, or you're some puppet for a group of people, we don't need you. Democrats, republicans, screw you both. We don't need you making laws to shove your religion down our throats, and we don't need you to take away our rights to defend ourselves any way we see fit. We need people who can come up with creative solutions to complex problems.
    Also, to run, no company can donate any money or goods to the campaign. Scratch that... no traditional campaigns at all. To speak to the public, you must do it in the form of a debate. At least one opponent must be present to give their side of the issues. Cut out the tailor-made propaganda BS.
   Before voting, all candidates must fill out a questionnaire filled with questions on topics of interest, and some questions that voters submit (NO FLUFF), and answers must be brief and to the point. Answers given will be checked against previous statements made by the candidate and if there are any discrepancies, they will be cleared up. Any candidate found side-stepping the questions (or just plain lying) will be called on it, and may face forfeit of the race. Once complete, the questionnaire along with the candidate's answers will be printed, and sent out to all registered voters.
   Not all of it's bad, though. I say we do away with the limit of how many times someone is elected to the same office. If they are good enough to keep getting elected, let them stay if they can continue to do the job effectively.

May not be perfect, may not even be possible to implement. All I know is, what we have going right now isn't working. We need to make some changes, people.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, maybe I'm not a anarchist.

Maybe I shouldn't call myself an anarchist, because I do recognize the need for some sort of system of law. But... I am against a government that makes laws based on a religion we don't all hold. I am against a government that tells us who we can and cannot marry. I am against a government that tells us what substances we can an cannot put into our own bodies on our own time, and that does not hurt anyone else. I am against a government that rewards corrupt law enforcement. I am against a government that allows corruption in those we elect. I am against a government that thinks they need to impose our way of life on other countries. I am against a government that puts the highest priorities on anything but the well-being of it's own people. I am not against all government. I am against this government. I'm not saying we should overthrow it, but change it immensely.

Monday, February 4, 2013

There are more pedophiles than you think (NSFW LINK)

I was browsing some adult websites the other night, and came across this (NSFW LINK). It got me thinking; there are millions of videos like these. Adult women acting and dressing like young girls to turn on and satisfy fantasies of men everywhere. And who has fantasies of young girls? Pedophiles. Now, I'm thinking there are more pedophiles than there are "normal" people. Be my guest, check for yourself and see how many "teen" (18-19) porn websites you can find. These sites aim to fulfill minimum age requirements.

Then there are children's lingerie and bikini designs. Now, I hear some places are offering bikini waxes to 8 year old girls.

We may not be willing to admit it, but we are a society that creates pedophiles. Even some that have never hurt any child, only viewing content online,, are arrested and then branded for life. Why do we do this?

We sexualize everything. Then when someone has sexual interests other than what the mainstream is comfortable with, we tell them they are wrong. We punish them for it.

This world just confuses the hell out of me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guns are awesome, and why everyone should have one.

There should be a gun in every house, and everyone in said house should know how to use them safely and effectively.
I'd prefer that guns have never been invented, but they were, and people misuse them all the time. All the more reason to have one yourself to protect yourself and your family. I have not been 100% following the news, but what I gather is that the butt-munchers in dc are trying to ban automatic weapons, and that a ton of people are behind them for some reason. The sheeple think that by banning said guns, they are taking them out of the hands of criminals. They could not be more wrong. All it's doing is making it more difficult for the honest Joe to get them... criminals will have no problem getting hold of them, just as usual.
I don't remember who it was that said this, but it's a quote that's stuck with me for quite some time now... "When you make it a crime to own a gun, only criminals will have them". The criminals will have a field day with these new laws. And by criminals, I also mean the guys in charge. It will stack the odds in their favor should an armed revolt take place... not saying it will happen, but It looks more likely all the time, and I know what side I'll be on.
I say, if the military can own something, the private citizen (with exceptions for convicted violent offenders, of course) should be able to legally own that same thing. Why do we keep putting people in charge of us just to take away our liberties?
This world confuses the hell out of me.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Third post: The last one I number in the title?

Depression sucks. There's not really a better way to say that. It just sucks.

I'm approaching my thirties, live with my parents in the middle of Texas (not even in an interesting part of Texas either), with no job, no income, only one friend I only see every few months, and I don't see the point in doing anything.

Why I see no point to having a job (right now, anyway): The only thing I can get a job doing is something I have a ton of experience in and I hate doing. Retail. I worked in a great costume shop in my home town (Sunnyvale, California) that I loved. I had fun with my co-workers, enjoyed the majority of the customers, and my boss was pretty cool, too. I had it made... until the business went under. I then had to move in with my parents in Texas (kill me), and took a job as a cashier in a grocery store. Every day I'd hope for some guy in a ski mask to come in and demand money from me... I kept telling myself  that if that happened, I'd refuse so he'd shoot me. Seriously, that entered my head every day. Back to my point, I do not see any reason in having a job because it's not living. Scheduling my life around something I hate. Day in, day out, spending 8+ hours in a place I hate, with people I'd live to strangle, just so I can take home $800 a month (No benefits). Also, my parents' health is not the best and they often need me to take them to doctor appointments, run errands and such. So, when my parents are dead, then what? I'll probably head back home, or just off myself. I don't have to think about that for a long time, though.

Why there's no point to go back to school: Spend a ton of time and money to learn things so I can achieve item #1 in this list. Just what I want to do. Besides, I still have no idea what I'd want as a career.

Why I do not want a romantic relationship: Simple psychology tells us that what drives humans to do pretty much anything, is to procreate and continue our species (as I understand it, anyway). I do not want any biological children. There are way too many health problems in my family that I do not want to pass on. Therefore, I do not need a relationship. Besides, with all my neuroses, who would have me?

Seriously, the only reason I get out of bed most mornings is having to go to the bathroom.

Second post: More offenive than the first?

I think that if I did believe in the god of the bible, I'd be a satanist. The god of the bible is a terrible, terrible person (if you can call him/her/it a person). "Testing" some random guy by seeing if he honors him enough by telling him to kill his own son. If I remember the story well enough, he called it off at the last second, but still... what "caring" or "loving" being would do that? And the flood! "I created you guys with the power to do whatever the hell you wanted, but you're not doing it right, I think I'll kill most of you and just start over. Yeah, that sounds right.". My thinking is that the devil is the better man in all this. I mean 2.5 million kills , VS 10 kills. "One man dies, it is a tragedy, when thousands die, it's statistics"But I do not believe in any of this. Stories written by men with nowhere near the education level as our kindergartners. Yet still, people cling to those stories. Our leaders (spiritual and otherwise) use these stories to control the masses, and justify their stupid laws (ban on gay marriage, etc). And then there's what happened a few months back during the election, church leaders endorsing one candidate over another (violating tax laws), so it goes both ways. "Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.". 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Post: Final post? Or taste of what's to come? A recycled Facebook rant of a few months ago.

The other night I was lying in bed, a bit more depressed than usual, and I got to asking myself: What would make me a happier person? The only thing that I came up with (That had nothing to do with time travel) was that I wanted someone to listen to me. Someone to hear, respect, and consider my viewpoints. Whenever I bring up a topic (within my family, anyway) that is even somewhat  controversial I am automatically shut-down. No one even bothers to consider I may be right. Some of my opinions may seem like they take things too far, or are unimportant to even think about. That, friends, is the problem. I feel it happens here on facebook aswell. I am ignored in all aspects of
life. But that is not the point to this post. My point is that all the things I am about to say, may individually be small things to you, but all are (what i feel to be) very imprtant, and should at least get a few minutes of thought from everyone.

Most importantly: Religion. ALL OF THEM ARE WRONG. If any person in your childhood has taught you to dislike any group, whether  it be on basis of skin color, sex, sexual preferences, or ANY reason for that matter, they were wrong.
Christians: I am not saying ALL of you are like this, but your leaders are. you should pay attention to them. Officially your "beliefs" are (among other things)
that homosexual relationships are wrong, and those who engage in them should be put to death (Leviticus 20:13). If you were to ask yourself honestly, "would I believe any shred of happiness (as long as no one is hurt by it) is wrong, if it were not for this book?". I think
You'd change your mind. Yes, the bible has a few good rules, such as not killing anyone (except if they believe differently than you do [Leviticus 24:16 also see this]). I just think any book that promotes mutilation of an infant (circumcision) should have no moral authority over any thinking person. There are many side tangents I could go on onto this subject, but that is my main argument.

Muslims: You may not like what I have to say, but your holy texts promote sexism (Qur'an 4:11), pedophilia , and violence (Quran 3:56). But then again, so does Christianity on all those counts (1 Corinthians 14:34, Numbers 31:17-18 may be interpreted as child rape, and for violence, see above)
I do not know much about other religions, those are the big ones that I have researched.

One that all I have told have said that it didnt matter, or that they did not believe me: Chocolate. Personally, I love a good piece of chocolate. Up until last year around this time I loved no candy more than a plain Hershey bar. But last year I learned that Hershey, Nestle, Cadbury, and other candy companies buy their processed cocoa from known human trafficking/forced labor groups. I simply cannot  eat any product from those companies knowing where it came from. I still eat chocolate, but I buy them (and encourage others to do no avail) from other companies. I have been forced to research something that should be fun, and enjoyable, so throughly that it's barely even worth it. The things companies do to save a few dollars is sickening.

Politicians. No politician can be trusted, so why bother? All they do is make stupid rules (more on that later), oppress the little guy, start never-ending wars (and make you feel unpatriotic for speaking out against them), line their pockets with unearned money, and laugh as they do it. They all just make me sick (except maybe Gavin Newsom  and Ron Paul. I Still do not trust them, but I like tham more than others).

The media/Government. Who owns TV channels, news papers, and even websites? Corporations. Corporations have way more influence than many people know. they have their own agendas they push on people (mainly by omitting part of the story. Do your own research. Go ahead, question the government, see what happens.This topic I cant really say anything without sounding like a conspiracy nut, so I wont really go on.

Healthcare. All people should have access to basic medical care without having to go bankrupt to get it. No matter who you are, how much money you have, EVERYONE should have access to medical care and medications they need to survive and thrive. A healthy person is a productive person.

Marijuana. Legalize it. Why is marijuana illegal and tobacco and alcohol freely available in any convenience store? Any argument against marijuana can be made of either tobacco or alcohol. Try it. Try to think of a reason to keep marijuana illegal without implying prohibition of alcohol or tobacco. Post in the comments if you come up with something. Before you say "marijuana is more dangerous, and causes cancer more often than tobacco" read this, and consider this. All that shouldnt even matter. The personal use of any drug should not be regulated by anyone. I understand and agree that you should not be able to drive under the influence, but that should be the extent of the regulations on it.

There are other topics I may rant a bit on at a later time, but that's all for now.